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All the area destined to production is divided by zones according to their function or task.


Image Production

In this zone the raw material goes through an assembly line until it is converted into the final product. Plastic, for example, fuses at high temperatures, is molded, cooled, assembled and painted. The light images of Our Holy Lady of Fatima are an example of our production.

We also produce images in other materials such as polyurethane or resin.


Rosary Production

Rosaries are produced manually with wire, beads and a plier. All the process demands high skilled practice and concentration. The beads of the rosaries can have the most various shapes, sizes, colours and different materials, giving space to creative and innovative rosaries, although always maintaining their inherent integrity.


Carpentry and Painting Workshop

Wood is a living being and it is the most used material in the production of images for churches.

We produce several images in wood sculpture, a work that is mostly manual and very thorough. The painting of these images is executed with oil inks and the gilding used is of 23.50 carats gold.

The different techniques are applied by specialized personel, very competent and with specific training and experience in this area.

Besides wood images we produce church furniture of all kinds, from the more classic models until the more modern ones.


In the creation of new articles specifically ordered by the client, all our team invests its knowledge, experience and wisdom so that the final result is surprisingly pleasant and meets the clients demands and expectations.




The restoration workshops are fully equiped with all the necessary material to restore articles and pieces that come to us from everywhere.

The restoration service works mainly in the reparation and treatment of woods, oil ink paintings, gilding with 23,5 carats gold and polychromed painting.

The team responsable for the interventations applied in restoration is highly experienced, specialized and profissional.